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Welcome To The Salem Jeepers

Summer Jams

What is the Salem Jeepers Summer Jam you may wonder? Well the Salem Jeepers was started as a way for like minded people to get together to utilize our Jeeps off-road. But we also like being able to check out what other members have done to “make their Jeep their own”. So in 2012 the idea grew to why not host an ALL JEEP EVENT to let members and non-members alike show what they have done. The Summer Jam also allows non Jeep enthusiasts to be able to look and see the different things that can be done with customizing Jeeps. And of course it’s no fun to just look at what can be done to them without seeing some of the different products that are out there to support Jeeping so the logical thing was to invite some vendors as well. Of course it isn’t fun to just walk around and look at everything, so we got an RTI ramp so people can show off how much flex they have as well as put together a beginner obstacle course for people to try out (with their own Jeeps of course).

After some planning and working with Roberson Motors for the use of their lot we hosted our 1st Summer Jam in August 2012. Throughout the day we were being asked if there was going to be another, well that was when it turned into the 1st Annual Summer Jam. In August 2013 we hosted our 2nd Annual Summer Jam and had a larger turnout. So now it is officially a true annual event that we put together.

The Summer Jam is held at Roberson Motors on the corner of Mission and Hawthorn in Salem Oregon.

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